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A Trio of Unique Residences by Our Studio

Welcome to a journey through three distinct residential projects, each telling a unique story through its design and decor. From the dreamy Mapsko Mount Ville Residence to the sophisticated Gulmohar Park Residence and the quirky Ultima(te) Residence, let’s explore the artistry and personality woven into these homes.

Mapsko Mount Ville Residence: Dreamy Contemporary Haven

  • Nestled within the heart of art and dreams, the Mapsko Mount Ville Residence stands as a testament to the fusion of contemporary design and playful elements. Every room in this home is a canvas painted with carefully selected color palettes, materials, textiles, and textures. The result? An artsy, dreamy abode that invites you to explore the intersection of imagination and modern aesthetics.
    Featured Elements:
  • Various color palettes for each room
  • Carefully selected materials, textiles, forms, and textures
  • Contemporary design style with playful elements

Gulmohar Park Residence: Sophisticated Modern Living

  • Designed by The Storey Tellers Design Studio, the Gulmohar Park Residence is a 1500 square feet ode to sophisticated modern living. Tailored for a young working couple with two kids, this apartment exudes openness, uncluttered spaces, and meaningful interactions. The modern aesthetic is highlighted by pastel blues and blush pinks, reflecting the calm and composed disposition of the homeowners.
    Featured Elements:

    • 1500 square feet of open, uncluttered space
    • Modern aesthetic with lively tones of pastel blues and blush pinks
    • Tailored for a young, working couple with two kids

The Ultima(te) Residence: Luxury with a Quirky Flair

  • Perched in the heights of Gurgaon city, The Ultima(te) Residence is a blend of luxury and playful color play. Crafted for a young millennial couple, the interiors embody new-age requirements while embracing the couple’s sophisticated yet fun-loving personality. The layout is vibrant and free-spirited, using pops of color to accentuate contemporary tastes and create a home that is both elegant and quirky.
    Featured Elements:

    • Mix of luxury and simple color play
    • Designed for a young millennial couple
    • Vibrant and free-spirited layout with contemporary tastes

In each of these projects, we’ve poured our passion for design, creating spaces that not only meet the functional needs of our clients but also elevate their living experiences. As you explore the details of these residences, we invite you to discover the unique stories woven into the fabric of each design.

At Storey Tellers, we believe in turning dreams into reality, one project at a time. Stay tuned for more inspirations and insights into the world of interior design. Your dream space awaits!

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